Lisa Funkhouser Critzman: Blog en-us (C) Lisa Funkhouser Critzman (Lisa Funkhouser Critzman) Sun, 12 Jul 2015 03:16:00 GMT Sun, 12 Jul 2015 03:16:00 GMT Lisa Funkhouser Critzman: Blog 120 80 9 states at 70 mph    Well, I keep reading that I should be on site at the blue hour, or the golden hour, with my tripod, and set up my shots with care, and take my time, and do multiple shots till I get everything just right...  Hubby wanted a road trip, 5 days round trip for a 3 day visit with people I don't know, mostly on the interstate, no time for side trips, usually no place to even pull off.  To keep a decent attitude, I was going to have to make this about the journey, and stuck in a car that meant pictures through the windows while moving.  I got a lot of lousy, boring, blurry, shots with reflections from the window glass and spots created by squashed bugs on the windshield.

   I also got a funny shot of Hubby washing those bugs off the windshield in Illinois.  There was a really cool wind farm in Garrett County, a collection of old cars somewhere in the Ozarks.  There was a perfect rose in a tiny garden at a roadside restaurant in Missouri.  An amazing steel railroad bridge in Louisville, still in use after 100 years, and another over the Wabash river that had at some point collapsed into the river.  We got stuck in traffic in St Louis, and Hubby inched forward so I could roll down the window to take a clear, stationary shot of the Gateway Arch from the highway.  Some sort of huge, abstract art in Indianapolis; possibly it was more comprehensible from where it was intended to be viewed, but from the highway it was wonderfully alien and bizarre.   

   It entertained me during the long car ride, and once I deleted the duds, I was left with a photo travelogue to remember our trip.  (Next time I'll take better notes.  Was this river the Ohio, or the Kanawha?) Maybe not fine photography, but well worth doing.  Given the opportunity, I promise myself I will go out at the crack of dawn, toting my tripod, but in my pursuit of that best possible photograph, I plan to remember that it's worth taking some lousy pictures, so long as I enjoy the journey.

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